or Bullshit?

Canada is 150 years old this year. But we still are fighting bullshit...

This website is devoted to uncovering bullshit in Canada and suggesting a way to fix it. When we consider the term "Alternative Housing" the first thing you need to remember is that not all of it is a bad idea and not all of it is bullshit. In our book at  we explained that alternative real estate was now an option in Canada.  For example in the past we lived on a large sailboat on the Pacific Coast of Canada and we enjoyed a great life style. We also lived in a trailer and a large motorhome and again the lifestyle was great. These are all examples of alternative lifestyles that work quite well. But here is the problem. The term is being used to cover well over a dozen or two different housing ideas and some ideas are good while others are you guessed it -just bullshit!  And there are people out there attempting to make a considerable profit on alternative housing which unfortunately defeats one of the main objectives which is cost. So keeping that in mind that the term "alternative housing" has some good and some bad ideas lets start. 

Renting your car or truck out for tourists or workers to live in on city streets and parks.  Yes this is being done. One example that I saw in Toronto involved a man renting out his SUV with a mattress in the trunk area for $15 a night or $315 a month. So you could visit Toronto and instead of paying $150 or $200 a night or more for a hotel you could rent out his vehicle to sleep in for less money than your would pay in taxes on a hotel bill. I also noticed a person in Vancouver renting out his vehicle for $35 a night and again the same idea applies. There was a story recently about a man in New York city renting out his vehicle for overnight sleeping.  So what we have here is a trend and some cities are changing their laws to allow this. The reason is that there is no affordable housing for people in a lower income area if they visit a city with high overnight hotel rates. I regard this as pure bullshit. I do not have a problem where a city allows a person to sleep in their vehicle overnight but I do have a problem when a person uses this as an opportunity to generate money and money very likely where cash is exchanged and no taxes are generated.

There is a very real need here. Imagine that you have a new job in a Canadian city and you are being paid minimum wage which is about $11.25 an hour. After deductions you would be lucky to make $70 a day.  But if you are staying in an inexpensive hotel you might need to pay per night more than you make in wages. So what do you do? You have a problem.  What some people are doing is living in their vehicles. This is not right. This is bullshit.  So what do we do? 

There needs to be alternative low priced housing available in Canada. Not fancy. Not the same size as regular homes or condos or apartments. But we desperately need affordable housing for people that cannot afford other rental properties. It needs to be tied to the minimum wage. My suggesting is that the daily cost would not exceed the minimum hourly wage in that province. So if the minimum wage was $11.25 an hour the alternative low priced housing would be $11.25 a day.

Now here is the problem. As we point out in our book UnReal-Estate Canada  there are three levels of government in Canada -Municipal, Provincial and Federal and each of them and several other participants in Real Estate all have their hands out to collect taxes and fees for services with the result that real estate in Canada is our largest single source of GDP. As an example people are attempting to sell micro houses on wheels that are surprisingly expensive when compared to price one might pay for a new or used travel trailer of the same size.  So there need to be changes for low priced alternative housing because you cannot have that service to Canadians and still expect to collect all those taxes and fees for services. And you cannot exert the same rules and regulations on alternative housing as you do with other types of housing. And so everyone involved must get together as a team and make those changes. And that will end the bullshit in alternative housing while still allow the good ideas in alternative housing to exist and prosper.

Here is a llnk to several different books on alternative housing which you will find very interesting.  





If like me you have concerns about the alternative housing occurring in Canada and the problems in housing that it reflects then please write your Member of ParliamentPremiers and Prime Minister



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