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Oh dear where to start on this topic?  Everyone has a bum! Its how humans are built. We use our bum for two main purposes to sit on and to poop from.  And in the second case after that action you need to clean fecal matter off your bum or you will stink. So you use toilet paper. You toss the toilet paper into the toilet and flush it out of your house. And hopefully you then wash your hands. And the story should end there. And yes it is gross! Especially when some folks don't do the last part.

But in Canada we are often ankle deep in bullshit and at some point somebody in the Federal Ministry of Finance thought that if you placed a tax on toilet paper then every time people clean their bums they will pay a tax. So lets call it the Canadian Bum Tax. The Federal Government calls it the Harmonized Sales Tax or HST. In Ontario the HST runs at 13%. I did the math and I really don't want to go into the details because that is not the point. The results are that in Canada you pay two cents tax every time you clean your bum after you poop. This results in a daily revenue of approximately $680,000. And this is total and complete bullshit. 

This is where the Federal and Provincial Government makes millions as rude as it may sound. Every Day they make over a million bucks on Canadian bums.  Yes I know it is rude but it is true too!


If you wish to round the number off taking into account the range of prices for toilet paper and the ages of use then one might say that the Canadian Government collects a million dollars a day on a tax on wiping your bum in Canada!

I think that there are some things that you should not be taxed on. Cremations are one thing. Funerals are another and wiping your bum is one more. 

This website not only identifies bullshit in Canada but it also offers alternatives to eliminate it.  Now how can we eliminate the Canadian bum tax?  To my shock I discovered that there is a way and in fact there may be other reasons than tax to do it. The soft and expensive toilet paper in Canada is made from old growth forests so millions of perfectly good trees and their lumber are wasted making a product to clean your bum. Apparently in Europe they use more recycled material and they don't have the same problem. 

Lets first look at some options in toilet papers:





The Canadian Bum Tax solution:

Here are some links to options instead of using taxed toilet paper and avoiding the Canadian Bum Tax yes there will be a one time tax but after that -no bum tax! for you!:  

Inhabitat.com and Family Cloths  A good description which is kind of gross and funny but it seems to work.

Reuseable Toilet Wipes  by Time. Again a bit gross but it seems to be a workable idea.

Penniless Parenting They take on reusable toilet paper as an affordable alternative to Charman


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