Fun and/or Bullshit?

On Canada Day in 2018 Pot will be legalized a few months before the election campaign starts.


First of all -you need to remember what marketing is. It is a process to change viewers opinions so that they will support you and purchase your products. Advertising is a subset of marketing. The big brands owned by ten of the largest companies in the world spend billions of dollars each year on marketing. In fact they may spend between 10 and 50% of their revenue on marketing expenses. That is a phenomenal amount of money. And guess who really pays for it? You do! Because these costs are then inserted into the retail sale prices that you pay. Imagine for a moment how much of that new car price you paid for is actually to cover marketing costs! Oh and the government loves it too because they collect taxes on advertising costs! Marketing is also used by politicians to gain support and votes and to convince you not to vote or support their opponents. Now you may ask what has this got to do with Canada Day??? And what has this got to do with bullshit? Two good questions!

Canada Day is July 1st of each year and it is the anniversary of the official founding of Canada. In 2017 we celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada.  Canadians love Canada and they love Canada Day so what we have here is a very positive event. And so marketers try to link this positive event with the concept that you should purchase their products or vote for them in an election. Are they doing that in 2017? Absolutely!

So the next question given that this website is called is this: Is Canada Day Bullshit?

The answer is "Yes" and "No".  Yes it is bullshit when marketers use it to sell their products and when politicians use it to play politics and No when Canadians celebrate Canada Day because they are happy Canadians and proud of their country.


Tim Horton's was once a truly Canadian company. But today it is owned by 3G Capital in Brazil. They continue to use the maple leaf and references to Canada to sell coffee and donuts and many Canadians think they are still a Canadian company. They are not and all their profits go down to Brazil.

Is there a solution here?  I think that there is a solution here!  If you notice ANY businesses using Canada Day as a marketing tool then don't purchase anything from them for the next six months. If you see a Politician using Canada Day as a marketing tool then don't vote for them in the next election. If they are just celebrating Canada day like other Canadians then vote for them if you wish. With politicians my concern is that they will use millions of dollars of taxpayers money to spend on Canada day celebrations and increase the huge 1.3 trillion dollar debt owed by our Provincial and Federal governments so that they will look good and get re-elected. Pure Bullshit.

Another approach is to ensure that ALL items purchased with Government taxpayers funds to celebrate Canada Day are all MADE IN CANADA BY A CANADIAN OWNED COMPANY. That would generate thousands of jobs and keep our wealth in Canada.  Canada Day is a great day and Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live and enjoy life.  I am very proud of Canada and Canada Day I just do not want to see foreign companies use it for marketing purposes and our own government to spend over half a billion dollars on supplies made in foreign countries to support our day.

 Happy Canada Day eh!


If like me you have concerns about businesses using Canada Day for marketing and our Politicians are using it to generate votes then please write your Member of ParliamentPremiers and Prime Minister. Tell them to stop!