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During high school and University I took a lot of science courses and so I have a tendency to look at life objectively rather than subjectively. I prefer looking at the numbers not the subjective emotional terms.

To give you an example if I ask you what the temperature is like outside if you say "cold" to me that is a subjective term. It does not mean much to me. If you told me it was -25'C I would have a much better understanding of the weather. If you said you were "rich" that also would mean nothing to me but if you said you had five million in the bank I would have an objective measurement of your wealth. That applies to everything.  So lets consider drugs and deaths caused by drugs. 

In 2016 Stats Canada reported that there were over 2653 deaths associated with illegal drug sales in Canada. In my mind when a drug dealer sells a drug to a customer and the customer takes it and dies that is murder. We have laws against murder in Canada and from my perspective the drug dealer should be arrested and charged with murder and sent to jail for a minimum of 25 years. If that was done drug dealers would likely not sell dangerous drugs to their customers and we would not have thousands of Canadians being murdered by drugs every year.  But here is where the bullshit starts. 

The drug dealer is charged with drug trafficking not murder and they may only get a short jail sentence. So there is little incentive for the drug dealer to not sell dangerous drugs to their customers. The people, the media and the politicians all seem to be looking at this problem from a subjective perspective. They feel that it is wrong for the drug users to take drugs and that they are responsible for dying as a result of taking those drugs. 

But I look at it this way. While the drug users are making a mistake in taking drugs the people selling them the drugs are making mistakes by selling them drugs which are extremely dangerous. And yes there is a solution and here it is:

Day One.  The Prime Minister calls a news conference and tells the nation that Canada is in a National Emergency and this his government is stepping in to end the use of dangerous drugs. He advises the nation that a second announcement will be made in a week and that the Emergency Act R.S.C. 1985 c 22 under Public Welfare Section 6(1) part B will be enforced.

Day Two The Prime Minister calls in all the Party heads and announces that on Day three the government will be launching the Emergencies Act  in the House of Commons designed to stop the use of dangerous drugs. 

Day Three.  A bill is introduced into the House of Commons with these main points:

1. That anyone selling dangerous drugs to users which results in a death will be charged with Murder with a minimum sentence of 25 years per person killed. 

2. That any gang member selling these drugs will be immediately arrested and placed in jail and charged with trafficking and given a minimum ten year jail sentence and all assets of those gang members will be confiscated. 


Now here is the problem. Canada like other countries has rules and regulations and government policies which help shape how people live. But what happens when there is an emergency say a fire or flood? Exceptions are made. Police and the Army are called in to enforce new rules and regulations to save lives. We need to ask ourselves the question why has this not occurred in the case of daily drug deaths in Canada that are now out of control?  We are losing more Canadians to drug deaths than to vehicle accidents. We spend billions of dollars enforcing rules and regulations to limit vehicle deaths but almost nothing is spent on stopping the drug deaths in Canada. What is wrong here? There is a simple word for it and that word is Bullshit

Not only are drugs being used to kill people accidentally they could be used to kill people on purpose. As an example if one drug gang attacks another gang with handguns the impact of that attack is strongly reported in the media. But what if the gang injects members of the other gang with drugs instead of shooting them. They die of drug overdoses. Our police and legal system then treat the crime differently blaming it on the people they believe were taking the drugs. 

And so in Canada today we have a situation where members of gangs are being killed by drug overdoses not firearms and the deaths are not being investigated as murders. Some drugs are incredibly powerful and simply a micro amount of powder is enough to kill a person. No gun going off no person being stabbed or hit with a weapon. And our police have no idea of how often this is happening today.

I reviewed a 2013 DEA drug death survey from the USA and noted that 46,000 people died of drug overdoses which is 13.9 deaths per 100,000 compared with only 3.6 per 100,000 who died of gun deaths. Canada has approximately 10% of he population of he USA so one might consider a ball park figure to be around 4600 drug deaths per year and in 2016  Stats Canada estimated that 2653 deaths were associated with illegal drug sales which would be only one part of that projected 4600. From my research it appears that Canada has no idea of how many Canadians died as a result of drug overdoses each year. 

What is my point here?  I think that we need to investigate how many people gang members killed using drugs not firearms or knives or other weapons. In fact there are certain drugs which I will not mention here that can be used to cause death and which do not leave any metabolized products that could be identified by blood tests taken after the death during an autopsy.  What is happening is that thousands of people are being killed in Canada every year due to drug over doses and several more are being killed when drugs are used as a murder weapon by gang members.   


Clearly what needs to be done is that more government resources need to be applied to deaths caused by drugs in Canada. We need Police and Doctors and researchers. This is a multi million dollar problem and not a problem that simply can be assigned to one police department for research. It is clear that the problem today involves the deaths of thousands of Canadians. It is clear that the existing rules and regulations and the limited law enforcement resources in place is not successfully managing the problem. In other words there is a lot of bullshit here and if we don't fix it we will lose thousands of more Canadians as a result of drug related murders. 




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