or Bullshit?

Lets start by saying that "Fake News" may not be what you think it is.  The term was introduced to the general public by statements from the new US President Donald Trump who often tweeted and spoke about "fake news" that was being put out by the Democrats and media supporting them. And so in many people's mind there are connections between Donald Trump and the term fake news. But unfortunately the term is not quite that simple. Fake news has been around for a long time my guess is hundreds of years  or even more. Surprised? 

There are several ways that people can share ideas. They can do it at schools or universities, in speeches, in books, in advertising, in magazines, in radio, in TV and now on the Internet. They may share these ideas to market a product, obtain support for a political party or religion or for a special interest group or for any group. They may share ideas on an individual basis.  And here is the problem. 

When somebody shares an idea or news with you they have an objective. It could be to be your friend, or to help you, or to make some money from you or for you to act in a certain way. There could be lots of reasons. And this is where fake news comes in. 

And now things start to get a little difficult. Fake news has a variable complexity to it. By that I mean the news can be quite obvious or it can be very subtle. Here is why. Let say that you own a large newspaper in a community. Lets also say that you are interested in investing some of your money in real estate in that community.  If you read our book UnReal-Estate Canada it informs you that there are three basic types of real estate markets- a buyers, sellers and stagnant market and prices vary considerably in each market. So lets say that you are in a sellers market and the prices are going up but your objective is to obtain the real estate at a very good price so that you can make some money on it.  So here is your plan. You place fake news in your newspaper that the existing sellers market is changing to a buyers market where prices are going to fall. What that does is act as in incentive for property owners who  wish to sell to lower their prices.  So that is hat happens and you acquire real estate at 20% lower than the actual value.  Then you put news stories in your paper indicating the real estate values are rising again. You can now sell that property if you wish for 20% over your asking prices which could be a 60% difference on what you paid for it!  Imagine making a 60% rate of return simply by posting fake news in the newspaper that you owned. 

But remember you need to be careful. You would be smarter if you also posted other news about the market but carefully placed it in editions where few people would read them. Possibly on page 2 or 3 of your newspaper. This is just one example of fake news. Remember that a very few number of Canadians own and control most of the media in Canada. And they are also involved in other businesses. So what do you suppose they are doing when it comes to marketing their products? You got it! They are dishing out fake news! And unfortunately it even gets more complicated.

What the media can do is take a story from another area and post it and although the story is true (not fake) the idea is to remove their viewers from the reality that is happening in their area.  It could be an example of a pretty young woman being murdered in Mexico. And the readers are both horrified and saddened but the reality is that in the country that the media is located it there may also be murders and the media simply does not want to bring this to their viewers attention. So they are using real news to present fake news to their viewers that the area they live in is perfectly safe.  I wish the concept of fake news was simple to explain but it is not and I could write an entire book on it not just one page on our website.  So I will end with a warning. 

Fake news is an authentic form of severe bullshit that exists in Canada today. Our media spews it our in every edition. The reason that it is being done is to control the behavior of their viewers. That may involve support for a political party, an attempt to sell a product, and attempt to reduce expenses and an attempt to get even or even destroy a competitor.  So my message is simple. Don't trust anything. When you are told something listen then attempt to confirm what you are being told is in fact the truth and when you find out that it is not the truth never trust the source of the fake news again. Good luck and have fun! 



If like me you have concerns about the fake news being spewed out in Canada and the terrible expenses it generates then please write your Member of ParliamentPremiers and Prime Minister