This website is now CLOSED

We have operated this website for several years and our idea was that if we identified bullshit and then suggested a solution that one could improve things.

But I was wrong. There is so much bullshit in Canada and in other countries too that it has become a part of life and it can't be fixed. Spending hours and hours on this project has proven to be a monumental waste of time and a source of frustration and a small amount of fun.  Because when you see Bullshit and the fact that nobody is doing anything to solve the problem that becomes frustrating.

Let me give you an example. In Canada we have a serious problem with drunk drivers. It is the biggest crime in Canada. And yet most bars and pubs have parking lots. And when somebody is caught the consequences are not severe enough to end the problem. So each year we lose hundreds of people to drunk drivers and thousands of people are injured many of them with life changing injuries. There are billions of dollars of medical and vehicle damage done every year in Canada because of drunk drivers. I call this bullshit. But it has been going on for decades and now I realize that the problem cannot be solved by having the website.

I could give you several other examples but that is the problem I face when I wonder if keeping the website is worth it. We have had thousands and thousands of visitors from all over Canada and the world. But nothing gets done to solve the problems. 

This is why I am closing down the site.

My best wishes to you and I hope you all have a great summer! And thanks again for visiting!

Cheers!  your webmaster