And what if you were out in the field on a nice warm day in your flip flops and you suddenly stepped into something warm and squishy and you detected an odd and unpleasant smell?  Welcome to how Canada treats Canadian terrorists!



I think that it is fair to say that Politics in Canada is an example of pure bullshit. It is difficult to know where to start. And I know that some of you will disagree or agree even before you read this page.

To get elected you must be a member of a political party. So that is problem number one. When you vote are you voting for the individual or for the party they are representing or both.  You don't necessarily support all three but you still need to vote. 

And how does a candidate get elected? If there are only two parties then all they need to do is get 50% of the vote and one vote and they win. Simple. But what if there are three or more parties and in Canada there are about four parties possibly five.  So now you don't need 50% plus one vote to win. And just to make it more complicated not everyone votes. There are two groups the eligible voters and the popular vote. The first group consists of all the people who can vote and the second group consist of just the people who actually voted.  Often in Canada approximately 40% of the eligible voters do not vote.

So if you begin to think about it things are getting very complicated.  The reality is that in Canada if there is a split in the way that the popular vote votes then it is possible to get elected with only about 25% of the eligible vote or in plain english 75% of the voters did not vote or voted for another party. This insane system is called "First Past the Post" and in the last election Mr. Trudeau promised he would fix it. But he lied and has now decided not to touch it.  I suspect that he realized that is what got him elected!

So in the Canadian system it is possible to get elected if you have just a few percent more votes that one of the other parties and here is where the real problem and pure bullshit starts.  Are you ready for this??

All you need to do is to appeal to special interest groups and get their votes. Examples of special interest groups are the anti gun lobby, first nations, gays and lesbians, religious groups, and racial groups. So if you are seen supporting these groups they will vote for you and you will get elected.

Image result for trudeau gay parade

Our PM with a problem. I once voted for him but will never do that again based entirely on his performance to date. I wonder how our Armed Forces personnel feel placing their lives on the line every day when they have a PM who carries a Canadian flag like this? But this gets him votes from this special interest group and that is how politics works in Canada. Looks like the gentleman in sunglasses behind him is his body guard and he doesn't look too happy.

Mr. Trudeau is excellent at appealing to special interest groups. He marches in gay pride parades, gives 10.5 million to a convicted Muslim terrorist murderer and IED builder, he openly shows support to racial groups and claims he is a "feminist" and he appears in selfies with women and his main goal is to use these groups to get elected again.  I am not saying that our PM should not support all Canadians but my point is that what we are seeing here is a specific effort to focus support to these groups with only one objective and that is to get their votes. What a politician should be doing is acting in the best interests of all the citizens not focusing benefits to a few small groups to get their votes. 

Government taxpayer funds are used prior to calling an election to promote the elected government and that was clearly done in the last election when millions of dollars of taxpayer funds were spent by Mr. Harper to advertise government programs just before he called the election. When an election is called there are limits on spending. Before an election is called there are no limits. This is pure bullshit. Mr. Harper did it and Mr. Trudeau can be expected to do the same thing in the year before the election to try and build up voter support by spending millions of tax dollars to do so.  

And there is another problem. Booze.  I think that I know why.  First of all in my opinion I would estimate that 35% of elected officials are alcoholics. Why? Here is the likely reason.

When you run for office a certain percentage of the population will hate you and say nasty things about everything you do. The percentage is somewhere between 30% and 80% of the public. So obviously you need a thick skin to participate in politics. One way of obtaining that thick skin is to drink alcohol. You also must give lots of speeches and again if you take alcohol it is less stressful to you to deliver these speeches. 

There are other ways to protect yourself from hateful people. Once elected there is no need to give lots of speeches and so some elected officials are very quiet after the election. 

So what does it all mean? We have an elected government that was elected with a slim minority of the eligible vote who were elected because they supported special interest groups who now expect to receive support from them. Our elected representatives are getting drunk, wasting time and money and doing very little or nothing for the majority of the population. This is pure bullshit and this is politics in Canada today.

Is there a fix? I think that there is. We need to get rid of the First Past the Post election system because it simply does not work. What we need to do is ONLY elect a government that has 50% plus one vote from the group of eligible voters. There are two ways to do that. We can have a choice on our ballots for a first and second and third choice and or we can have a run off election until the 50% plus one vote is achieved. And there needs to be a relationship between the percentage of votes that a given political party wins and the number of seats that they have in Parliament.

Here is the problem. In a previous election the Green party received approximately 10% of the popular votes and they should have received approximately 10% of the seats (over 30 seats) in parliament but instead they received only one seat. 

Part of the problem in Canada is that the average Canadian is very poor in Math. They simply do not comprehend how an election works and what the First Past the Post means. But our political parties absolutely understand this system and that is how they play political tricks on each other and that is how they spend their election funds. Pure bullshit. 

A Canadian thinks that if a horse is first past the post then that horse wins the race. Seems simple and in fact that is the truth in a horse race. But an election is NOT a horse race.  There are over 338 federal ridings in Canada. In order to win a majority and form a government you need to win 170 seats. But here is the problem. There is no need to win a majority of the eligible vote of say 50% plus one all you need to do is win a majority of the popular vote and when there are three or more parties running that means that all you need to win in some situations is only 26% of the eligible vote.  So think about it when you consider what happens across the country. You may have a party obtaining say 20% of the popular vote but obtaining no seats. Here is what happened in the 3015 election. If you look at the last two columns on the right side of the table the first one is the actual seats the party won and the last column is the number of seats the party should have won based on the percentage of votes that they received. What is staggering here is that our media never reported this fact to the Canadian public and as you can clearly see the liberal government should have won only 134 votes which was below the number (169) required for a majority government. This is precisely why Mr. Trudeau decided to change his mind on fixing the First Past the Post election system. It was this system that got him elected with a majority government. 

Liberal Justin Trudeau 39.5% 184 134
Conservative Stephen Harper 31.9% 99 108
New Democratic Tom Mulcair 19.7% 44 67
Bloc Qubcois Gilles Duceppe 4.7% 10 16
Green Elizabeth May 3.5% 1 12


Something to think about. If you don't agree with the points made here try doing some research yourself and see what you think. Do the math.  What I am suggesting is that our entire political system in Canada is pure bullshit and that is pretty serious. In Canada our system does not reflect the percentage of people supporting a party in the resulting seats in Parliament. But it could also explain why in a country that sits on trillions of dollars of natural resources that we have a 1.3 trillion dollar provincial and federal debt and the highest personal average debt in our history. And why on earth did we sell over 54% of our oil sands to foreign countries because ALL of the profits from the oil they now own goes to them and does not stay in Canada. 

If we had a political system that reflected the actual support of Canadian voters then we would not be in the mess we are in today. Instead Canadian politicians spend millions of taxpayer dollars and all their time playing bullshit politics instead of doing the job they were elected to do. In order to get elected one trick they play is to try and balance the two parties running against them so that all they need to do is obtain a very small percentage of votes over the other two parties. They watch the polls very carefully to do this. Pure bullshit eh!   


If you have concerns about politics then please write your Member of ParliamentPremiers and Prime Minister