or Bullshit?

In WW2 Canada had 400 ships in our Navy. We could build a ship in a few months. Our population was 1/3 of what it is now. But times have changed...

I will begin by telling your that I served in the Royal Canadian Navy (Reserve) while I was going to University and I served as a Ship's Officer on several types of ships including training vessels. minesweepers, destroyers and a supply ship.  I had several very interesting jobs and like other members of the crew I placed my life on the line for Canada.  So as you might guess I do have some strong opinions about our Navy and it's future.

First of all remember that Canada has the longest coastline in the world. We have three of them. the Pacific, The Arctic and the Atlantic. During WW2 Canada had about a third of the population we have today but we also had approximately 400 Navy warships. We had the forth largest Navy in the world.  In the first decades after the war we reduced the size of our Navy but at one time still had two aircraft carriers and over two dozen destroyers and support ships.  But as the years went on our governments decided to save money and as our Destroyers aged out they were not replaced. 

And neither were our supply ships replaced. So our number of sailors on all our ships were reduced to less than even the total crew on just one USN air craft carrier.  You absolutely MUST replace at least one Navy ship each year because in salt water they last no more than about 35 years. But in the last 14 years Canada has not launched even ONE replacement Navy ship. You really need to consider the significance of that fact. If for example you had a Navy with say 30 or 35 ships in it you would need to launch one new replacement ship every year to keep your fleet at that level.  

When you have a Navy here is how it works. About 1/3 of your ships are on active duty. Another 1/3 are in for repair and maintenance and the last 1/3 are in training to get up to the standard required for Navy operational ships.  In the case of an emergency one could take ships out of training and place them into active duty. Now remember that we have three oceans to protect. Lets say that we need ten active duty ships per ocean. That means we need a total of at least 30 ships. And we also require support ships called supply ships to support the active duty ships so we would need at least 6 supply ships.  We then need training ships and my best guess is that we would need at least 15 of them. So in total we would need 51 Navy ships to protect our three coasts. And that would be a minimum. 


The existing government in Canada is planning to build 15 ships over the next several years. This is pure BULLSHIT.  Canadian governments have refused to support our Navy for the last quarter century and the reality of today in 2017 is that Canada does not have a Navy large enough to protect our three coastlines. Nor do we have a strong enough Navy to attack a country that attacks us. Nor do we have a viable ship building industry. 

When you don't build a replacement Navy ship for over 14 years the Engineers and workers in your shipyards move on or retire.  Equipment is sold off and not updated and you reach a point where you no longer have the designers or technicians to actually design or build a replacement ship. 

How did this happen? I have a few theories. First of all I don't think that the politicians making the decisions on Defense in Canada had any knowledge about the subject.  Mr. Trudeau or Mr. Harper never served in our Armed Forces. Neither did the two previous PMs ever serve in our Forces. Secondly we entered some difficult economic times and a decision was made to save money by spending less money on defense and the big ticket items like ships and aircraft and tanks and personnel carriers and equipment and even weapons were not replaced. You may find this hard to believe but our Canadian Army troops are still equipped with ancient 70 year old 9mm Browning hand guns made just after world war two. They are light fire power weapons and they are worn out and they do not stand up to modern weapons. Point number three. We have an Official Opposition in Canada that is supposed to monitor the elected governments actions and bring up any problems in the House of Commons.  In the Harper government the NDP was the Official Opposition and they had absolutely no interest in maintaining our Armed Forces so they did absolutely nothing.


My first ship HMCS YUKON designed and made in Canada launched in 1961 and retired in 1993 32 years later. She was a very powerful, efficient frigate and at one time we had approximately 24 similar ships in our Navy. The RCN was capable of protecting our coasts during the cold war and these were some of the best ships in the world and had the nickname of "Cadillac's."  

And in 2017 the current Official Opposition is the Conservative Party the same party that ruined our Armed Forces by doing nothing to replace equipment so the last thing they would do is raise the issue in the House of Commons because it would immediately get dumped back on their lackluster performance. 

Point number four. Our media. Our media has not reported the news relating to Canada's military. Why? This is a good question. At first I thought that our media reported the news.  But then over the years I realized that our media is owned by only a few very rich Canadians and they control what the media reports and they are tied to specific political parties. So when one of our major political parties makes a mistake the media supporting that party are very reluctant to report the news. So I have noticed that they tend to report FAKE NEWS instead. How do they do that? They will report sexual issues in the Armed Forces and show images. They will report on crashes and deaths. But they won't report on obsolete equipment or reduced staffing or back logs or people quitting the Armed Forces early or the fact that Canada does not have a real Navy or real facts like that. So what this results in is a lack of understanding of the reality of our Armed forces with the Canadian public.  In other words they don't have a clue what is really going on. 


And before I end this I want to make something very clear. We have some fantastic, hard working, talented people in the Canadian Armed Forces and they place their lives on the line every day for us. I have never worked with a better bunch of people.  My point on this page is that there is a lot of bullshit going on right now in just where our Armed Forces are regarding equipment, supplies, resources and staffing and we all need to work as a team to bring our Forces back up to a standard that is required to support and protect Canada.  If we don't do that and if a challenge occurs in the form of an attack or a national emergency then we will all pay a terrible price.  We absolutely must bring Federal spending back up to at least 2% of our GDP and because we are so far behind we need to bring it up even more to correct the mistakes that we see today


If like me you have concerns about our Army, Navy and Air Force in Canada and you wish to help correct these issues please write your Member of ParliamentPremiers and Prime Minister