or Bullshit?


On March 20th in Canada we have something called "The First Day of Spring" We also have a pure Bullshit Day. Why?  Because the majority of Canadians and my guess is that percentage is over 95% of the population have no clue what the vernal equinox is. Our media describes it as "the first day of spring" and they use that day to show pictures across Canada and the reaction of people to spring. Pure Bullshit. Our schools do no teach Canadians what the vernal equinox is. So we are going to do that in just to try and help! 

Lets start with the planet we call the Earth which is the planet all humans all 7.8 billion of us live. The Earth is in orbit around the sun which on average is about 93 million miles away. We call that distance one Astronomical Unit or A.U. The orbit takes 365 days to complete and we are traveling 30 km every second or if you wish in miles it is 18.5 miles each second. Think about that. Think of a place about 30 km away and blink your eyes and that is how long it takes for the earth to go that distance! When you drive in your car you think about the speed in km or miles per hour so lets consider the speed of the earth in that context too. Every hour the earth travels 108.000 km or 67,000 miles. A bit faster than your car!

Now lets consider the Earth as it rotates around the sun. As you likely know the Earth has a north pole and a south pole. The earth not only spins around the sun it also spins around it's axis between the north and south polls. The earth spins right around every 24 hours at a speed of approximately 1000 miles per hour at the equator. This is why we think we see the sun rising and falling. Well guess what the sun is not rising and falling the sun is stationary. It is the earth that is moving not the sun! I hope you knew this. I hope that I am not surprising you. I hope you believe me! The sun appears to be rising and falling because the earth is rotating on it's axis. And so as it rotates we have day time and then night time.  And so far nothing that I have told you is all that complicated. It is all simple math and science. But now I need to tell you something about how the Earth rotates around the sun at an angle and that is a bit complex so get ready.

You might think that the earth rotates around the sun with its north pole south pole axis parallel with the north pole south pole axis of the sun. But if that was the case the length of days and nights would be approximately equal each day. But as we all should know the length of a day in the spring and summer is longer than a day in the winter months.  So what is going on here? And this is where a bit of complexity has prevented most humans from understanding what is going on. 

In fact the earth rotates around the sun at an angle of approximately 23.4 degrees. I say approximately because there is a variation between about 22.1 degrees and 24.5 degrees over a 41,000 year cycle. 

Now here is the problem. Somehow I need to explain to you why the length of the days and nights vary as the earth orbits around the sun while at a 23.4 degree angle with our planet's axis at a angle with that of the sun. If I can explain that to you then this page contains enough information to explain what a vernal equinox is and what the first day of spring really means! So I am working on that!