And what if you were out in the field on a nice warm day in your flip flops and you suddenly stepped into something warm and squishy and you detected an odd and unpleasant smell?  Welcome to how Canada treats Canadian terrorists!



A terrorist is a person who ignores the rules of civilization, the rules of law of his home country and the rules of war. He murders, mangles, rapes, destroys societies and eventually gets caught.

Canada has two levels of government including elected Members of Parliament and appointed Supreme Court Judges. Parliament sets up the laws and the Supreme Court ensures that the laws are enforced as they are written. 

There is a level of complexity here and the wikipedia article on the Supreme Court of Canada will help you better understand just what it is and what it is responsible for.


But there is a problem when Terrorism is considered.  Our Supreme Act and the rules and regulations in it wasn't designed to handle terrorists.  Consequently the Supreme Court must treat all Canadians even those that are terrorists with all the rights of the Charter of Rights and Freedom and all the existing laws that are used to govern Canadian citizens. 

As a result of this problem the Supreme Court ruled that a Canadian Terrorist who had killed and injured people and who had fought with an enemy fighting Canadian soldiers should be paid 10.5 million damages in compensation for the way he was investigated and jailed and that a public apology would be required to be given to him.

There are several ways to look at this case. You can look at it from a lawyers point of view. There is a potential to make a large fee. In this case several lawyers worked on this case "for free" with the understanding that they would receive a part of any payout.  You can look at it from the perspective of the soldier that was seriously injured by the terrorist or the family and friends of the other soldier who was killed by the terrorist. You can look at it from the point of view of a Canadian soldier who fought the enemy that this terrorist fought for. 

You can look at it from a religious point of view. The ten commandments include commandment #6 -Thou shall not murder" so we have millions of people who strongly feel that even a convicted terrorist or any other person who has committed murder should not be subject to a death penalty. During WW2 certain religions forbid their members to carry arms and they could only serve in service positions during the war. Religious people can also be very vocal in sharing their opinions on the death penalty and as a result Canada no longer has a death penalty for any crime even treason or mass murder. So here is the problem if the rules on death penalties were to be changed those with religious views would need to reconsider their positions in the case of extreme terrorist behavior. It is unlikely that they would do this until after an incident like the 9/11 attacks in the USA occurred in Canada. 


You can consider it from the point of view of a person who feels that anyone under a certain age is in fact a child and is not guilty legally because of their age. In their minds if you are a "child" and have killed ten people you cannot be charged as a murderer. In Canada the "age of Majority" is 18 or 19 depending on the province you are in. The description of a "child" is anyone who appears to be under 16. So there is some variation as to what age a "child" is. But many people will say that if a person is a child then they cannot be charged with murder. In Canada we have the Youth Criminal Justice Act and if you are under 12 years old you cannot be charged with murder. There are other rules for ages between 12 and 17.  The terrorists see this as a wonderful opportunity to train child soldiers because they can then murder people but never be charged. This is yet another example of how our legal system was never developed to accommodate the problems associated with terrorists. And understandably those Canadians who feel they should obey our legal system are very reluctant to see a child soldier charged with the murders that they commit. 


You can look at terrorism from a combination of views. You can also consider it from a political perspective as an opportunity to get elected to or to remain in office. In that case you would support those Canadians who feel that the 10.5 million dollar payment to a child soldier murderer was wrong. They would then vote for you.  

After deciding on how to best interpret the situation you can then decide if you support the payment of 10.5 million dollars to the terrorist and the public apology to him or if you decide that is not appropriate. You may have several reasons why you think that it is or is not appropriate. 

To make matters more complicated, the media which is usually controlled by a few very rich individuals supporting a certain political party may present you with information that will influence your opinion. They can do this in a very clever way. They will emphasis material from supporters of the government and give little or no coverage to people who are opposed to the government's actions. This is sometimes called FAKE NEWS but what is being done is to try and control the opinions of their readers so that they will continue to support the political party the owners of the media support.  

I personally think that this payment and apology is an example of pure bullshit. In my opinion the majority of Canadians do not agree with this action. In my opinion there are much better areas to spend 10.5 million dollars of taxpayer's money including for the soldiers that Canada had fighting the enemy who suffered as a result. We could use that money to ensure that Canadians living in the far north have drinking water. We could do something about the young people committing suicide in the north or the Canadians living in their cars because they can't afford to rent. There are thousands of better ways to spend that much tax money.  

In my opinion as a result of this payment and apology I think that it will mean the end of PM Trudeau's popularity and in the 2019 election he will be kicked out of office. But the bullshit does not stop here. I think that it will have a very negative effect on our soldiers who put their lives on the line every time they put their uniforms on. I think that millions of Canadians are not happy with this decision. 

 Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said it was "disgusting" for the government to concoct a "secret deal" and hand over millions to a convicted terrorist. "This payout is a slap in the face to men and women in uniform who face incredible danger every day to keep us safe."

MP Michelle Rempel: "Why would Trudeau pay Khadr $10-million before having a court weigh in?"

Is there a solution here? Yes. First of all we need to vote PM Trudeau out of office in the next election. Secondly we need to change the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to exclude Canadians who are terrorists. All Canadian citizens have certain rights but they also have certain responsibilities and if they decide to become terrorists they should lose their Canadian citizenship. Their passports should be cancelled and all Canadian benefits stopped. To date over 240 Canadians have become terrorists and have been fighting with ISIS overseas. But over 83 have come back to continue to enjoy the benefits of Canadian citizenship and this shows how the existing system is simply not working.

We also need to change the Supreme Court Act to establish an appropriate punishment for those acting as terrorists. We need to consider bringing back the death penalty for those who participate in terrorist acts. Why? Today in Canada a terrorist can kill one, ten or a thousand Canadians or more and they will have the same rights as any other Canadian held in jail for a single murder. They will receive a warm dry bed, three nutritious meals a day, free legal and medical care, exercise and entertainment,  and the opportunity for parole and release. And the people they have killed will receive nothing.

 Thirdly I think it would be very appropriate for the Leader of the Opposition to launch a non confidence motion in the House of Commons regarding the payment of 10.5 million dollars to this terrorist. That would give all MPs the opportunity to express their opinions on this and would allow those that vote supporting the PM's action to be voted out of office in the next election.

So yes there are solutions to reducing the amount of bullshit associated with terrorism in Canada. Or we could do nothing and the existing methods of handling terrorists will continue giving them all sorts of advantages to being terrorists and remaining Canadian to enjoy all the rights and benefits of Canadian citizenship while they murder, maim, rape, destroy cities and fight for ISIS

ISIS has posted videos of their "child soldiers" murdering innocent people and should these child soldiers be Canadian citizens our existing government will not charge them with murder and may do what they did recently and pay them millions of dollars while offering them an apology. Canadian media does not show these videos because they feel that they are "politically incorrect" and so most Canadians are unaware that the problem even exists. My suggestion would be to visit the Canadian webpage and review videos that ISIS has posted of their child soldiers hacking off heads and shooting people in the head and then you can much better understand what a "child soldier" is. The images are horrible but if you are not aware of reality in this world you will continue to think that because a child is under a certain age they are innocent and should not be charged under any Canadian laws.    

If you have concerns about Terrorists with Canadian citizenship and the continued rights they enjoy then please write your Member of ParliamentPremiers and Prime Minister