A true Canadian company or is that... Bullshit?

 I was in Tim Horton's recently and checked out my website CanadianBullshit.com and was surprised that a message came up saying it was banned because of inappropriate content. That seemed odd.  There were no swear words or anything perverted on it and the only word that might be considered politically incorrect was "bullshit" which to be fair is often used in Canada. Sometimes it is referred to as "BS" or "Bull" but often people will say "bullshit".  So I decided to investigate Tim Horton's and devote a page on my website to it. Here goes!

Tim Horton's was a coffee and donut shop started by Tim Horton and Jim Charade in Hamilton in 1964. Tim was an excellent hockey player for 24 seasons and he loved to drink and drive fast. In 1967 he partnered with Ron Joyce and in 1974 he got drunk and went driving fast in his sports car a 1974 Ford DeTomaso Pantera and killed himself by rolling his car over several times, being ejected from it and having twice the legal blood alcohol level and not wearing his seat belt. Very sad. The chain grew to over 4000 restaurants and in 2014 it was sold to Burger King and the sale was approved by  Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Burger King was owned by Restaurant Brands International which some people who don't understand how business works think was a "Canadian company". Actually the majority owner was 3G Capital of Brazil so it is now actually a Brazilian company.  Now it order to make more money the Brazilian company is doing nasty things to the Tim Horton's franchise holders who I understand on average make about $265,000/yr after expenses. 

If you are interested in just what Canadian owned means I suggest you review this page on wikipedia  and if you think that a company is really a Canadian company you may be surprised.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_ownership_of_companies_of_Canada

So where is the bullshit here? you ask.   I think that there is a lot of it.  In my opinion it was a big mistake to approve the sale of the largest and most successful  restaurant chain in Canada that hired thousands of Canadians to a foreign company and I blame PM Harper for that decision.  I also think it is silly that a country that is 150 years old can't figure our how to operate a successful coffee and donut shop and as a result every time you have a coffee or donut there the profits go down to a private company in Brazil. And there is one more point. Tim Horton's pretends it is a Canadian company for marketing purposes and they never admit that they are owned by a company in Brazil. They use the maple leaf on their products and they market their brand as a truly Canadian brand when it no longer is. 

What is the solution?  I don't think that there is one. Tim Horton's is the only restaurant of it's type in Canada and that's where millions of Canadians go every week. I would love to say go to a Canadian owned restaurant but in fact there is no competitive Canadian owned restaurant chain to go to and because of the high costs of business in Canada and the huge amounts of money the three levels of government charge for taxes and fees for services and their rules and regulations business must follow -the chances of a new Canadian owned restaurant in the future are just about zero. If you can, go to a locally owned Canadian restaurant. 

Anyway I was not sure why my website was banned at Tim Horton's free wi fi so this page describes what it really is how it got there and the fact that it is not really a Canadian restaurant any more.  Poor Tim Horton - he was a fabulous hockey player one of the best ever and had he not been drinking and driving he would still be here today. Wikipedia has an interesting story about Tim and how his wife was offered a relatively small amount for his share of the company after his death. Very sad.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Horton.  

I really wish that Tim Horton's was still a true Canadian business with family members still participating and the name of a Canadian hockey hero still making all Canadians proud of him. Instead we have a foreign privately owned company pretending that their company is Canadian as they suck out all the profits and reduce staffing levels and increase expenses to Franchise owners and that is what we call in Canada - Bullshit. We have thousands of hard working. friendly Canadians working for this company and it is a shame that the business is going in this direction. The Franchise owners are also excellent workers and managers and they do a great job too.  

If like me you have concerns about the amount of foreign ownership being allowed in Canada and the terrible loss of wealth it generates then please write your Member of ParliamentPremiers and Prime Minister. If enough people complain then our government officials will change the rules and the problem will be reversed. If nothing is done then Canada will be owned by other countries. And the wealth Canada generates will be sucked out into their bank accounts.  I often use the example of Norway which has sold less petroleum products than Canada but which has over 1.2 trillion dollars in savings for future generations. Canada on the other hand has had it's wealth sucked away by foreign interests and we have over a 1.3 trillion dollar federal and provincial debt as a result and the highest personal debt in our history.  And guess what? Interest rates are increasing!