And what if you were out in the field on a nice warm day in your flip flops and you suddenly stepped into something warm and squishy and you detected an odd and unpleasant smell?  



Our PM loves taking selfies. 

In Politics people always pick on you. Sometimes it is funny. In the USA millions of Americans are picking on their President and in Canada millions of Canadians are now picking on our Prime Minister. They are both working hard but who is doing the best job? 

As we all know Politics is a difficult job. Why? Because no matter how well you perform your duties as an elected representative of the people a certain percentage of the people will hate you and say you are doing a terrible job.  The elected leader of Canada is our Prime Minister and in the last 150 years we have had 23 Prime Ministers. Some have been good, some really good and some bad and some really bad. 

In other words the degree of bullshit related to each leader varies based on their actual performance which generates their legacy.  

So where does Justin Trudeau fit when it comes to performance? Is he one of our best Prime Ministers? One of our average Prime Ministers or one of our worst Prime Ministers? To be fair we don't know yet because he is only about half way thru his first and likely his last term as PM. 

I am writing this page in July of 2017 and Mr. Trudeau has been in power for approximately 19 months. When he was elected he obtained 39.47% of the popular vote (those who voted) and approximately 61.53% of the people who voted -voted for somebody else. Canada has something called "first past the post election system" and it is entirely possible for a person to be elected as the Prime Minister with significantly less votes if there are several parties running in the election and the popular vote is spread between them all. 

Mr. Trudeau promised to fix the first past the post election system to better reflect the will of Canadians. But when he realized that this might cause him to lose an election he refused to do that and he broke that promise.  That qualifies as pure bullshit. He said he would do something and then did not do it. When you promise to do something and then don't do it that is called a lie. On this website we call a lie BS.  

Mr. Trudeau promised to repair the Canadian economy and suggested that an annual ten billion dollar deficit would allow him to do that. In 2016 the budget was three times the size that Mr. Trudeau promised at 30 billion dollars.  This qualifies as pure bullshit. He said he would do something and then did not do it. He promised a 10 billion dollar deficit and then generated one over three times the size. That is called a lie. Or BS.

When you check out the Dow Jones index and compare it to the Toronto Stock Exchange index you see what Mr. Trudeau is doing to our economy. In the last two years the US stock exchange has gone up 14% and the Canadian exchange has gone down 9.3 % for a difference of 23%. Check it our here if you don't believe me! And yes this is more pure BS.  

In July of 2017 Mr. Trudeau decided to pay a convicted terrorist murderer 10.5 billion tax payers dollars and give him an apology.  This decision caused an immediate very negative reaction from millions of Canadians including our Armed Forces serving members and retired members. This is pure bullshit. One could suggest that this is the largest mistake that any Canadian Prime Minister ever made. When our service members put on their uniforms they place their life and health on the line against our enemies and what Mr. Trudeau did was to give one of our enemies 10.5 million dollars and an apology. More BS. 

Mr. Trudeau also decided to pay the Clinton Foundation 20 million Canadian taxpayers dollars and another 20 million to women entrepreneurs in foreign countries because he is a feminist. He as done this after raising the annual debt in Canada from a near balanced budget to over 30 billion in debt. The total Canadian provincial and federal debt now exceeds 1.3 trillion dollars. More BS.

With the money that Mr. Trudeau has wasted we could have updated the 70 year old handguns our Army is equipped with. We could have helped our RCMP and equip them with the supplies they need to stay safe and do their jobs. Today our RCMP are understaffed and they simply do not have the resources to do the jobs given to them to do. Mr. Trudeau is doing nothing to help them. This is even more BS. 

The minimum percentage of GDP that NATO suggests be spend on defense is 2%. But Mr. Trudeau has refused to meet that minimum spending level and is in fact spending less than one percent of our GDP on Defense.  At one time Canadian Forces could stand proudly with our American and British Forces but today we have no destroyers no supply ships no up to date helicopters or aircraft and half our Reserve positions remain unstaffed. Should there be a war or a need to apply Force in the world Canada is not able to meet the standards we once did and this is further proof that Mr. Trudeau is waist deep in Bull shit. 

Mr. Trudeau has done absolutely nothing to prevent thousands of illegal aliens from crossing the Canadian border. He is providing them with free housing, free medical, dental, schooling and legal care and paying them cash. Pregnant illegals will have their children here and they will immediately become Canadian citizens with all the free services available to all Canadians.  He is doing this despite the fact that millions of Canadians cannot afford to purchase a home or even pay for the high rents in the areas the illegals are being housed in. And those waiting in line legally to come to Canada are now months or years behind as Trudeau helps out the illegals.  This is even more BS. 

Our PM showing off the new Canadian flag. I am not sure why he is sticking his tongue out. 

So the question becomes is Mr. Trudeau full of bullshit?  At this point in time it certainly appears that he is and that his chances of ever being elected again are very slight. 

I try my best to maintain a sense of humor on this website and include only examples of where there is clearly a high level of bullshit that does more harm than good. And in the area of politics we all understand that each political party is out to destroy other political parties and will do almost anything to achieve that. 

But here is the problem. When we have a leader who is doing an exceptionally bad job that is reflected on the country that he or she is leading. He is selling Canadian resources and real estate to China which is a terrible idea. He is authorizing those sales.  When a leader goes in the wrong direction and leads their country there -bad things happen.  

Mr. Trudeau is knee deep in bullshit today. Unless he is able to extricate himself from it Canada will sink into the bullshit with him. Or he may recognize his mistakes and change his behavior and try to be a better PM. Time will tell. His legacy will only begin to be formed after he completes his first term in office.  

If you have concerns about Bullshit and Mr. Trudeau then please write your Member of ParliamentPremiers and Prime Minister