And what if you were out in the field on a nice warm day in your flip flops and you suddenly stepped into something warm and squishy and you detected an odd and unpleasant smell?  



Where is the most BS here? 

I am facing quite a problem here. My website is about bullshit in Canada and President Trump is not in Canada he is President of the USA our neighbor. We have the best neighbors in the world.  So why should I include him in this website?

Clearly our American friends are having huge political problems these days. They have two parties the Democrats and the Republicans. The recent vote was won by Donald Trump much to the surprise of the Democrats and the news media who both predicted that Hillary Clinton would win. 

When you look at the actual votes Hillary Clinton got 48% or about 3 million more votes than Donald Trump who got 45.9% but they have something called an Electoral College and while Hillary got 232 votes there Donald got 306 and so won the election. But this is where the problems started. I cannot explain the electoral college to you in a paragraph or two so here are more details if you wish to better understand how that works. 

The Democrats seem to refuse to admit that they lost the election. They did lose the election but the results generated a huge amount of hatred for Donald the winner.

Most of the media in the USA seems to support the same side the Democrats are on so what they began to do was post stories which supported the Democrats and attacked Donald Trump. Donald referred to the reports as "Fake News" 

And this is where it gets interesting from a Canadian perspective. Most Canadian news media is owned by a very few rich Canadians who support the Liberal Party. What they began to do was repeat the negative stories about Donald Trump thus resulting in their Canadian viewers to develop a high degree of dislike for Donald. 

And then I began to notice something. It appeared that the Canadian media which was supporting the Liberal Party and PM Trudeau was using American negative news about Trump to hide the mistakes Trudeau was making in Canada. 

Late night comedy TV in the USA which many Canadians also watch was ridiculing Donald in almost every episode and they were attracting viewers and making millions of dollars in advertising. 

SNL attracted millions of viewers while they picked on Trump

Hillary Clinton wrote a book and attempted to destroy Donald in it. The book will make her millions of dollars. 

Every day there is a great effort by Democrats to destroy the reputation of Donald Trump. 

At this point we need to step back and look at the numbers and see where the bullshit really exists. So lets look at the numbers. 

1. Donald Trump said he was going to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs flowing into the USA. He has achieved a very substantial reduction.

2. The stock market has risen significantly since Donald Trump was elected.

3. ISIS is presently being defeated in Iraq and Syria due to the increased military activity of the USA to destroy them. 

4. The natural disasters that occurred in Texas and Florida received immediate aid from Donald Trump.

When hurricanes hit Texas and Florida Trump reacted immediately with billions in aid including a million dollar personal donation and here he and Melania are handing out food to help Texans recover.

5. The US Military received significantly more support from Donald Trump and old equipment is being replaced. 

Now from a Canadian perspective lets look at the numbers for Justin Trudeau our PM. 

1. The number of illegal immigrants flowing into Canada has significantly increased since Trudeau took over. 

2. The number of drug related deaths has increased to over 2800 a year in Canada and Trudeau wants to make dope legal in Canada a year before the next election. 

3. Trudeau has reduced spending on National Defense to less than half the suggested 2% GDP minimum NATO suggests. As a result Canadian forces have old equipment, a non functioning Navy with no Destroyers or supply ships and 70 year old worn out handguns for our army. 

4. Canada has had some of the worst forest fires in our history in BC and Alberta and Mr. Trudeau has done little to help. 

Mr. Trudeau has declared himself to be a feminist and loves marching in Gay Parades. Helping people fight forest fires or protecting our borders is not what he does best. 

5. Mr. Trudeau paid 10.5 million dollars to a convicted Muslim terrorist who manufactured IED bombs the bombs that killed 94 brave Canadian Troops and injured dozens more in Afghanistan. 


So we are at a decision point. Who is doing the best job? Mr. Trump or Mr. Trudeau? This would be a personal decision. My opinion is that Mr. Trump is ankle deep in bullshit while Mr. Trudeau is waist deep in bullshit. Every leader makes mistakes and I am sure that every leader will get some BS on their shoes. Decisions are difficult and nobody is perfect.  But it is becoming clearer where the problems are. I guess the real judgment will be made in the election booths of Canada and the USA in the next election. Until then who is deeper in bullshit is a personal decision. But we can all smell it eh?  


If you have concerns about Bullshit and Donald Trump then please write your Member of ParliamentPremiers and Prime Minister. If you know people who would enjoy reading this page please send it to them. It is so unlikely that our Liberal controlled media in Canada will report what has been reported on this page and the more people who know what is really happening the better chance to fix it! 


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