We are mired in B.S. lets check it out!



Real Estate in Canada puts you waist deep in bullshit.  Is that rude? Maybe. Is it accurate? Yes! Is real estate in Canada UnReal? It sure is!

Lets begin by pointing out that Real Estate is Canada's single largest source of GDP. And yet the Provincial and Federal governments control 89% of it while millions of Canadians can't afford to purchase or even rent a property in the largest cities in Canada.  It gets worse.

Canada has the second largest land and water mass in the world and one of the smallest populations so one might think that there is enough affordable land for all Canadians? Nope. 

Due to rising property values, foreign investors think that Canada is one of the best places in the world to invest their money in real estate. This also includes criminals and every year billions of dollars of criminal funds are money laundered in Canada. It is called "snow washing" by the criminals.  And our three levels of government have absolutely no idea of how many real estate properties are owned by foreign owners or how much money is being laundered into Canadian real estate every year. 

As the Earth's population increases the number of very rich people increases too. In 1804 the Earth's population hit one billion and it took 123 years until 1927 to gain another billion to two billion. But now there is an increase of about 84 million every year! Now it only takes less than a dozen years to gain a billion more people and we are now up to about 7.5 billion. The folks with large amounts of money are looking for the best places to invest and many of them have chosen Canada. And unlike several other countries these days Canada has absolutely no or at best very few restrictions on foreign investment in our real estate properties. But in 2017 it became obvious to even our three levels of government that something was wrong and now initial reviews are being done to identify the extent of the problem. In 2017 we still do not know how big the problem is! Which I would describe as "bullshit".

There is only ONE book in Canada that explains how real estate really works here it is the 430 page UnReal-Estate Canada book published in May 2017.  It shows you how to best invest in real estate, how to avoid criminal acts by those participating in real estate sales and purchases what he best approaches are in a sellers and buyers market and how to enjoy a better life.  There are huge problems but there are also excellent opportunities. 

The big problem is that there are millions of people in Canada involved in real estate and everyone wants to collect fees for services and make a profit and save some money to pay for groceries and other living expenses. All three levels of government also have their hands out for fees for services and taxes.  And not one of these groups will tell you how real estate in Canada really works. But this book spills the beans and places you in the best possible position to make the best decisions and save and make the most money doing it!

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