Why we don't have one...A STUDY IN BULLSHIT

Canada designed and built the best water bomber in the world but we don't have any in our Air Force despite having thousands of forest fires every year that ruin billions of dollars of potential lumber and billions of dollars of property damage that must be covered by insurance premiums paid by Canadians.

I am trying to relax. However this subject gets me excited!  There is such an incredible amount of bullshit with this topic that I have been fighting it since 2012 when I started the website WaterBomberAirForce.com.  Check out the site.  Why am I angry? The problem is so incredibly easy to fix IF we had some elected officials who got together and discussed a solution. The existing fire control system with climate change is simply not working.



This is 2017. We have climate change affecting our weather and there are many more forest fires burning every year. We have the best water bomber design in the world in Canada and we have rivers and lakes all over -next to our forests which the bombers could swoop into and collect plane loads of water in 12 seconds. But when it comes to managing Canadian forests we allow each province to manage their forests by themselves. So we have ten systems for putting out forest fires and each system has a limited amount of money and equipment.  Yes we do have the RCAF but because that is a federal jurisdiction they do not fight forest fires. So despite the fact that it would be possible to have several squadrons of Canadian designed and built water bombers in our Air Force we don't have any. And because no Province has an air force they have very limited resources and often need to depend on the private sector for the aircraft necessary to fight forest fires. Oh and it gets worse. Because the best water bomber in the world is an expensive aircraft because of the very small production runs none of the private sector companies have enough resources to acquire a squadron of them. That is pure bullshit. Why? Because if we had squadrons of water bombers in our air force the amount of money they would save in lost lumber resources and destroyed communities would greatly increase any cost and would also generate very significant wealth in the Canadian economy as these Canadian designed and built water bombers are sold around the world to other grateful nations.  My point is that sitting back and causing each Province to protect their forests is pure bullshit when there is a relatively simple solution. I have been pushing this idea since 2012 at the website WaterBomberAirForce.com and have done everything I could including writing to our PM and Premiers. 

My suggestion to you is to review the website WaterBomberAirForce.com . It will take a few minutes and there are links to lots of extremely interesting videos and information.  If you agree with the idea then please support it. We could save billions of dollars of forest fire damage and generate thousands of good paying jobs and establish billions of dollars of wealth for Canada. Several countries in the world already have one or more of our Canadian built water bombers and we could become a world leader for this type of aircraft. We could do that with an up to date two or three shift production line where the aircraft could be produced at an affordable cost.  





WaterBomberAirForce.com  This website shows how Canada can establish five squadrons of Canadian designed and built water bombers and save billions of dollars in climate change related damage every year. The website has been going now for over five years and thousands of Canadians have visited the site. Support is growing and as more people see the opportunity support for the idea is growing too! 

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If like me you have concerns about Forest fires in Canada and our problems with establishing a water bomber airforce that can put out the fires then please write your Member of ParliamentPremiers and Prime Minister