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As your website Publisher I will admit that winter car accidents are my most frustrating concern with Bullshit in Canada. We have tried our best to eliminate this problem by publishing the Canadian Winter Drivers Handbook ed 2  If our drivers would only read and apply the ideas and techniques in it billions of dollars of property and medical costs would be eliminated and thousands of Canadian lives would be saved. And the same applies to drivers everywhere where winter driving conditions exist. It would help our neighbors in the USA who also experience bad winter driving conditions and in would help drivers in many other areas in the world. The ideas even work in summer conditions! Every year on our planet over one million people are killed in traffic accidents! 

But there is a surprising level of bullshit that exists in winter vehicle accidents and that is preventing solving the problem. So lets consider them. First of all if you are involved in a winter car accident there is a good chance that your car will not be fixable for an affordable cost. Small bumps and dents OK but bigger crashes and it may not be worth it to attempt to repair the vehicle.   So two things happen. If you vehicle is insured your insurance company pays you for a replacement vehicle and they increase their insurance rates to all customers to pay for that expense. Car companies will sell you a replacement vehicle and every year millions of dollars of replacement cars are sold to consumers. This also means that banks and finance companies will make more money. Your governments will make more on sales tax and the fact is that they make nearly twice what an auto dealer makes in profits! So every year the governments federal and provincial collect millions of dollars of extra taxes for vehicles to replace those vehicles lost in accidents. Vehicle repair shops make huge amounts of money fixing cars involved in accidents.  

And it gets worse. Drug companies sell millions of dollars of drugs to accident victims. Funeral homes make millions looking after funerals for the 5 or 6 people on average that die every day in Canada in traffic accidents. The media makes millions posting obituary notices and stories about the accidents which allows them to attract more viewers and sell more advertising. Hard working Lawyers and their staff make lots of money working for traffic accident related clients. Thousands of Police Officers are working very hard and earning very good money to investigate accidents and issue tickets to drivers breaking the law. 

So what is my point here?  You must "follow the money" as we suggest in our book "Your Very First Billion" which many people have admitted is the best book on how business really works in Canada. The first thing that you will notice are the costs associated with the accidents that I noted above. But when money is going out as an expenditure it is also coming in as a revenue. And when it comes in as a revenue and not quite as much money goes out to produce that service there is something called a profit!  And so winter traffic accidents generate billions of dollars of revenue and profits for many different people and organizations and do you really think that they want this flow of revenue to stop? 

Lets be clear! I have absolutely nothing against people who generate revenue from traffic accident related activity. The vast majority of these people are honest, hard working people who try their best. The problem that I am referring to is the huge amount of bullshit that exists in traffic related accidents that if removed would save billions of dollars and thousands of lives! And these hard working people could work at something else because consumers in the economy would have more funds to purchase other items! 

So when we published our book on winter driving we were trying to eliminate winter driving accidents. But did we get any support from the people who are making revenue from winter driving accidents?  Nope. 


1. Read Chapter 13 - A concise list of facts you need to know about Winter Driving.  page 108 to page 148. We list and describe 58 items that you absolutely need to know. If you ignored everything else in this 207 page book and just read this section of 48 pages that could save your life! 

In point #47 we advise you to reduce distractions when the driving becomes difficult. Turn off your radio. Ask your passengers to be quiet. You are the driver and you are in charge. So take charge. 

Point #39 advises to you get rid of projectiles inside your vehicle and I give an example. The last thing you want in an accident is to have some dangerous item inside the passenger compartment flying around in an accident and striking somebody. 

Point #36 advises you how to avoid deer and moose strikes and informs you the number of accidents per year and the number of people killed and the cost. The numbers are scary and you won't see them in our media. 

Point#36 shows you how brakes work and how much time it takes to apply them and stop. We give you an objective description not a subjective one so that you will understand what will really happen when you apply the brakes. We explain why it is so important to ensure that your brake pads are not worn out. They do wear as do brake drums and brake rotors and some drivers simply do not have them repaired so when they attempt to apply the brakes all the numbers change and it takes them longer to stop or slow down. 

In point #18 we tell you about fuel and why it is so important to keep your tanks at a good level when you are on an extended trip in the winter. Because what happens if you are down to a quarter of a tank and it is freezing outside and suddenly there is an accident ahead and a road closure. If you had a half tank or better you might be fine but with a small amount you could be in big trouble very quickly. 

In point #9 we tell you about driving speed. We point out that 25% of driving deaths are related to driving at speeds over the limit. Yes there are times that you can safely go at the posted speed. But there are also times when you MUST slow down to be safe. We often see drivers who speed at night with reduced visibility who speed in areas with moose or deer warning signs who travel at the posted speed or higher on highways covered with snow or ice. This is incredibly stupid and if you don't kill yourself you may kill or injure somebody else. And the solution is so easy you simply must slow down in certain conditions. 

I can't list all the 58 points made and give you a detailed description of each as that would require 48 pages on this web site. Your best approach would be to purchase a copy of our book either in printed or ebook format here.

My point is that yes we can solve the bullshit in winter driving accidents but it will require a joint effort. We have published the book describing in detail how to avoid winter accidents but drivers must apply the ideas and techniques in the book to make this all work. All drivers have a responsibility when it comes to safety on our highways. If you don't take that responsibility you are part of the bullshit which is resulting in these billions of dollars of property and medical damage these thousands of deaths and these hundreds of thousands of injuries many of them life changing. I have tried my best to convince you but the next step is yours. Imagine how you would feel if you caused an accident that killed kids or their parents or your kids or spouse. How would you feel for the rest of your life? 

Our media never posts images of real car accidents because they are considered to be "politically incorrect." So our drivers are not aware of what really happens in car accidents. An accident can occur in a fraction of a second and life as we know can end forever. And most accidents can be prevented. But if our drivers continue to drive like they do today the accidents will continue to occur.